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Information on RSS

What are RSS feeds?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a technology to disseminate and subscribe to information promptly.

Advantages of RSS feeds

  • You receive a quick overview
  • You keep up-to-date automatically
  • You save valuable time
  • You remain anonymous
  • You avoid a complicated registration and cancellation

How does RSS work?

Should you wish to receive new contents from a website automatically you simply subscribe to the desired RSS feed.

There are different methods for reading these feeds:

  • Webbrowser:
    Most new-generation browsers offer the functionality of reading RSS feeds directly in the browser, e.g. Internet Explorer 7 and above, Firefox and Opera.
  • Feed Reader:
    Should you want to choose individual settings, so-called “feed readers” are more appropriate. These feed readers independently query the information in regular intervals, thus ensuring up-to-date information. Such feed readers are usually available for free.
  • E-Mail programmes:
    Some current e-mail programmes offer the functionality of reading RSS feeds.

What do you need RSS for?

If you visit certain pages in the internet regularly to stay up-to-date on news and other contents you can save a lot of time by using RSS. You can read the news item clearly laid out in your feed reader and are able to open the respective web site directly from within the application instead of having to access each page separately.

How do you recognise RSS feeds?

Usually RSS feeds are marked with a small symbol or can be recognised by a text like “XML”, “RSS” or “Newsfeed”. Some browsers recognise feeds on a page automatically and show them in the address bar (e.g. Firefox or Opera) or in the symbol bar (e.g. Internet Explorer).

RSS on Wikipedia

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