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Stressing / Pulling / Bending

22.28 Hydraulic Switch Blade Lining Device22.28 Hydraulic Switch Blade Lining Device

For the bending of switch blades at switches


22.38 Hydraulic Rail Bender22.38 Hydraulic Rail Bender

For bending and lining flat bottom rails up to approx. 60 kg/m (in y-axis) and also optionally for grooved rails ...


24.06 Gauge Bar24.06 Gauge Bar

For correcting a narrowed or widened gauge


24.08 Rail Pulling Shoe24.08 Rail Pulling Shoe

For pulling rails in the ballast bed


24.12 Hydraulic Rail Pulling and Pushing Device24.12 Hydraulic Rail Pulling and Pushing Device

For pulling together or pushing apart 2 flat bottom rails in longitudinal direction


24.70 Hydraulic modular Rail Stressor24.70 Hydraulic modular Rail Stressor

For positioning rails for welding work.


25.16 Rail Carrying Roller25.16 Rail Carrying Roller

For moving long welded rails


26.01 Rail De-Stressing Machine26.01 Rail De-Stressing Machine

To remove stresses from the rail by striking the rail head sides. The vibrations generated in this way destress the ...


66.01 Rail Heater66.01 Rail Heater

To heat up the rail to the required rail temperature, during the course of the rail neutralization prior to welding ...


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