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13.03 Rail Web Grinding Machine13.03 Rail Web Grinding Machine

For derusting the rail web for a continuous current flow of the flash welder or to prepare an insulated joint


13.44 Rail Head Grinding Machine13.44 Rail Head Grinding Machine

For true-to-form and straight reprofiling of the rail head at weld joints as well as of built-up welded running ...


13.48 Rail Head Profile Grinding Machine13.48 Rail Head Profile Grinding Machine

For true-to-form grinding of the rail head after welding work to restore a perfect profile


13.61 Switch Grinding and Deburring Machine13.61 Switch Grinding and Deburring Machine

For grinding of built-up welds on switch blades, crossing frogs, stock rails and check rails as well as for ...


14.10 Hydraulic Weld Trimmer14.10 Hydraulic Weld Trimmer

For easy and quick removal of welding beads from the rail head after thermite welding of rail joints.


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