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62.05 Vertical Tamper

For lasting correction of track level errors.

For establishing a perfect and lasting track geometry in under 2 mins/ sleeper. Deviations from the nominal geometry caused by level errors jeopardise regular railway operation and result in restricted speed sections or even line closures.
The individual models compact the ballast bed under the sleeper optimally. The ROBEL vertical tamping principle enables outstanding interlocking of the ballast and thus a permanently stable track geometry. Apart from economic and operational efficiency of these products another central consideration in the development of the vertical tamper series was the human factor. The 2-level vibration decouplilng developed and patended by ROBEL reduces the hand-arm vibration to a minimum. In addition to that the low weight of all models also goes easy on the operator. In other words, the track operator experiences ergonomic and comfortable working.


Permanent track stability

  • Permanently stable track geometry with the ROBEL vertical tamping principle
  • Optimum compaction of ballast under the sleeper
  • Excellent interlocking of the ballast ensures long durability and higher bearing load
  • Continuous railway operation - better utilisation of line capacity

Increased operational efficiency

  • High tamping performance due to more tamping operations per time unit
  • Less operator fatigue due to lower weight
  • Minimum hand-arm vibration thanks to patented 2-level vibration decoupling
  • Longer work shifts per employee possible (in line with statutory requirements)

Subsequent cost savings

  • No need for replacing sleepers and ballast thanks to sleeper- and ballast-friendly tamping.
  • Low wear costs and better availability due to solid design.
  • Replaceable tamping tool made of wear-resistant steel
  • Minimum maintenance costs

Health & safety

  • Compliance with occupational health and safety regulations
  • Fewer sick leave and stoppages
  • Happier employees

Due to:

  • Low weight
  • 2-level vibration decoupling
  • Cover for thermal shielding
  • Exhaust gas routing away from the operator (with petrol model)
  • Option: Central safety shutdown in electric version


  • Can be used for any track bed condition
  • From congested urban areas to the open line
  • Irrespective of climate and topography
  • From local application through to heavy duty maintenance
  • 62.05L ideal for welding crews
 62.05 Vertikal-Schwingstopfer mit Bediener  62.05 Vertikal-Schwingstopfer Elektro  62.05 Vertikal-Schwingstopfer 2-Ebenen Schwingungsentkopplung


Technical specifications
62.05 air-cooled 2-stroke petrol engine
Type Kawasaki TJ45E
Power 1,42 kW at 8000rpm
(L x W x H)
420 x 500 x 1230 mm
Weight ~ 24,3 kg
62.05 Electric motor
Type ATB 400 V, 50 Hz
Power 0,75 kW at 2850 rpm
(L x W x H)
360 x 460 x 1080 mm
Weight ~24,5 kg
62.05 Hydraulic motor
Power 3 kW at 3500 rpm
(L x W x H)
420 x 500 x 1230 mm
Weight ~24,9 kg
62.05L air-cooled 4-stroke petrol engine
Type Dolmar
Power 1,5 kW at 7500 rpm
(L x W x H)
410 x 510 x 1200 mm
Weight 19,9 kg
62.05L short Version
Type Dolmar
Power 1,5 kW at 7500 rpm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 410 x 510 x 1080 mm
Weight ~ 19,6 kg

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