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On this page ROBEL offers you access to the current company videos.

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Take a somewhat different look behind the scenes of our company. The film offers insights into the departments and processes at our company.

ROBEL Presentation 2009

With this film ROBEL explores new paths of company presentation. Instead of a “classical” introduction, the firm is presented in a visual and acoustic style that is untypical for this field of business.

The film was produced in co-operation with the visual artist Erwin Kastner, who has created several pieces of art for ROBEL. The guiding idea was to create analogies between machine construction and visual art.


ROBEL Presentation 2009 – Making of

This film offers insights into the production of the current ROBEL company presentation. Particular attention is paid to the conception and realisation of a sculpture to illustrate how analogies between machine construction and visual art were created for the film.

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