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Quality Management & Qualifications

ROBEL - Assured Quality

ROBEL pays great attention to economic efficiency, reliability and sustainability in the development and assembly of its products as well as in carrying out its services. The basis for this is a consistent system of quality management and qualification.

Quality Assurance

The company's processes are based on clearly defined standards. These are consistently followed and examined regularly and independently. These include:

  • Management system in accordance with standard EN ISO 9001:2008
  • Certificate Grinding of Rail Vehicles and Vehicle Parts in accordance with DIN EN 15085-2


ROBEL is audited by government agencies, service providers and independent auditing associations. The company has been accredited and qualified as a supplier on the basis of national and international systems: 


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  • Logo connvenio connvenio
  • Specialist for flammable liquids (tank systems) in accordance with Art. 19I WHG (German water resources law) and Vbf (regulation on flammable liquids)


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Home > About us > Quality Management & Qualifications