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Mission Statement

Great on Track


ROBEL spares no effort to make track construction and with it the global railway networks safe, effective and economically efficient and as a brand to be associated and equated with safety, reliability and economic efficiency in track construction.


ROBEL is among the leading suppliers in the small machines, track vehicles and special units sectors. We aim to strengthen and expand this position further.


ROBEL's innovative products and services are safe, economical and reliable. Our highly qualified and motivated employees who are well aware of their responsibilities contribute significantly to this. Our customers profit from

  • the high quality in development, production and workmanship,
  • our company's flexibility, as well as
  • more innovation and customer orientation.

Our products stand out for high availability, durability, and high economic efficiency throughout their service life.

A service network with excellent coverage supports the customer after purchasing a ROBEL product.

With its constant pursuit of innovation ROBEL guarantees its partners:


ROBEL products contribute to safety in railway construction, in maintenance and repair work performed by the track workers and consequently to safety of the entire railway traffic.


ROBEL products conform to the principles of economic efficiency. They are not only manufactured in line with these but also contribute to higher economic efficiency for the customer due to their quality and reliability.


"ROBEL is reliable." This statement applies to the company as well as its products. Our products are of high quality and availability. Service work is carried out quickly, to a high standard and using approved original parts. ROBEL is a reliable partner.

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Home > About us > Mission Statement